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Mexico | DECAF

Mexico | DECAF

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BIO decaf from Mexico
tastes like  apricot, fine melon sweetness and mellow

Our first decaf coffee and we’re very happy to introduce it to you. These beans come from several different smallholders located in the northern part of Mexico, specifically from the areas around the Triunfo Biosphere Reserve in Chiapas.
The process of decaffeination used for this Coffee, called Mountain Water Process, takes place in a Mexican company «Descamex». To do so they soak green cherries in a water solution, which removes both the caffeine and other solubles in the coffee. Afterwards the water is filtered, caffeine molecules are strained from the solution, but not the taste and aroma, and the solution is reintroduced with the beans again. The decaffeinated coffee is ready to dry. 

You may find in this tender espresso roast hints of sweet melon and apricot.

ORIGIN: Mexico

FARM/GROWER: 16 smallholder producers
REGION: Chiapas
ALTITUDE: 1.071 – 1.383 masl
VARIETY: Catimor*, Typica*, Bourbon*, Mundo Novo*
Processing: washed, water-process decaffeinated
FLAVOUR: apricot, fine melon sweetness and mellow