No one needs coffee.

Coffee is enjoyment and not a vital food.

Coffee has to create social and ecological value and shouldn’t harm people or nature.

Otherwise coffee would be a luxury and therefore superfluous.

NANO exists for only one reason

- to create good.


The well-being of people and nature is our highest goal of all actions and not the maximum profit. For us, ecological and social goals have the same value as classic financial indicators. We offer the possibility of responsible consumption at the highest level!

employees & wages

NANO is the team.

The team is not wo:manpower, but the soul and body of the company. A respectful and appreciative togetherness is inevitable, as is the satisfaction and well-being of each individual. Self-determined and responsible work is encouraged and many decisions are made together. We maintain harmony and good communication in the team. Everyone is a unique, irreplaceable and important element in our company. We only work with permanent employees and receive a wage that is always higher than the average in the industry in Berlin. Our internal minimum wage is currently 19.7% above the statutory minimum wage (2022/01). Possible wage increases are constantly checked. We cultivate open and transparent communication in all areas of the company and promote individual development. Employees are motivated to live sustainably, socially just and environmentally conscious. If possible, NANO supports it through contacts, networks and financial donations. We all earn our living with what we do and want to do good without burdening nature and society.

products & production

Coffee is our passion and that is why we curate green coffee of the highest quality only - carefully grown, harvested and processed. Always transparently and responsibly produced, traded and roasted with perfect craftsmanship. In addition to the employees, the production and purchasing of products is the most important area in the company, which is subject to constant optimization and compliance with our principles. NANO does not see itself as a “refiner” or “gilder” of a raw material or product, but rather as one of many equivalent links in the value chain. We have set ourselves the goal of radical transparency. It's a long way and we invite our community to join us.

packaging & shipping

We obtain our packaging materials from traceable sources. We always try to avoid material consumption. Preference is given to recycled, reusable, CO2-neutral and / or recyclable materials. For example, we don't do INFO cards and material-intensive design of our packaging. In addition to shipping and energy, the focus is on packaging in terms of further development and the search for alternatives. Orders are always sent CO2 neutral and within our hometown Berlin we deliver emission-free with our cargo bikes.


NANO works as energy-saving and resource-conserving as possible. This applies to gas and electricity consumption, but also to the shipping and procurement of goods. Again, we always prefer the gentlest and not the cheapest solution. This is also taken into account when purchasing equipment and machines. We are supplied by https://www.polarstern-energie.de/ with electricity from 100% renewable energies and gas from biogenic waste and residues.

NANO was founded in 2014 by Ramin Massah and is a member company of the Economy for the Common Good.


NANO is always open minded to new collaborations with other esteemed companies. Whether needed in an office environment, restaurant, café or coffee shop - we will deliver our coffee to you for a special rate. Our experienced staff offers team training and schooling in regards to everything you need to know about coffee. You can reach us via the contact us button. We will gladly answer your request and make you an offer.